Quick Starter Package for B2C e-commerce

Restart your selling
in times of crisis
with digital commerce

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Get your customers ordering within 30 days with your own online store, powered by SAP Commerce Cloud.

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Download the package brief

E-commerce Digital Enterprise in the UK

Get your customers ordering

Reconnect with your customers from the safety of their homes with an online store.

Adapt to social distancing

Help your customers and employees stay safe with takeout and delivery options.

Ensure business continuity with a new revenue channel ready in 30 days.

Quickly re-start your selling

Protect your revenue with e-commerce

Your customers are locked down and practicing social distancing.

You can still reach them, but to do so, you need to find new ways to sell.

Ways that require less contacts, like e-commerce.

E-commerce has gained steady traction over the past 20 years. But the impact of quarantine catapulted it into hyperdrive. If you were tiptoeing around digital transformation, now is a perfect time to take the first step.

A fully operational e-commerce platform

This Quick Starter Package (QSP) is built on a best-in-class e-commerce platform: SAP Commerce Cloud.

Designed for B2C companies

We built this package with B2C companies in mind, so they can deliver top-notch online experiences to their customers, even in these trying times.

Delivered in just 30 days

Time is of the essence, especially now. We designed this package to allow you to get started selling online in 30 days.

What will you get
with our Quick Starter Package?

  • Allow customers to place their orders on your platform 24/7
  • Choose flexible delivery options at their convenience
  • Easily check out and secure online payments with integrated gateway

Start selling online in 30 days

Future-proof your e-commerce platform.

Don't let the urgency of the situation cloud your longer-term priorities.

When choosing SAP Commerce Cloud, you future-proof your digital selling operations with a comprehensive product suite that natively integrates to all the SAP CX suite clouds as well as to traditional back-office SAP applications.

See the package in action

with SAP Commerce Cloud

We are SAI Digital

A team of e-commerce experts

SAP CX Tier-1 partner

A trusted partner

Our Tier-1 partners like SAP trust us to do work for them because they know we have a record of delivering quality products that meet their standards.

Focus on value

We are committed to deliver best-in-class, tailored, cost efficient and insightful digital solutions for our clients to best serve their own clients.

Our teams have successfully delivered B2C e-commerce projects across the globe covering Retail, Manufacturing, FMCG and more.

Extensive experience

Find new ways to sell during the pandemic and protect your revenue with your own e-commerce store.

  • The fastest way to launch your B2C e-commerce on SAP Commerce Cloud
  • All the critical features you need during these times
  • Implemented by the largest SAP CX partner in Southeast Asia

Get a free demo today and ensure business continuity during times of crisis.

Start selling online in 30 days.


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