Each of our companies has to face a new, difficult reality.

We are striving to help you to overcome these trying times.

We hope that our support can help you take the right steps to move forward.

Let's make it through this challenge together.

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We offer free online consultations with our experts

How to quickly shift to e-commerce business to immediately serve your customers?

Should you shift to online business entirely or operate a step-by-step digital transformation?

What are best practices to go online without affecting supply chain and operations?

What kind of training will you need?

Since all industry meetings, conferences and workshops are currently canceled, we wish to help and transfer knowledge on these questions with a free consultation service. Fill in the form below to arrange a meeting with and e-commerce expert at your convenience.

What to expect during the meeting

  • Meet our e-commerce expert.
  • Half-hour discussion on your business.
  • Premium advice from our expert on how to protect your revenue in the current situation.
  • Get updates on e-commerce trends and industry best practices.

Other helpful resources

Helping you to make the best choices to preserve your business during this crisis.

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E-commerce Tips during Covid-19

Free Consultation

Discover the fastest way to get selling online with SAP Commerce Cloud.

Our experts compiled the best practices for e-commerce, applicable to times of crisis.

We are supporting business through digital transformation so they can better resist during the pandemic.

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